Expedition 65: 65 Degrees of Latitude in 65 Days

Over two years ago, my good friend Jim Hyde had a spectacular idea to adventure through some of the most remote areas of the planet on a motorcycle. After months of planning, our adventure through South America will begin in early September. I will have the good fortune to join 12 other riders as we travel from Colombia to Ushuaia, Argentina which is often referred to as the “end of the world.” Coined “Expedition 65,” we will travel 65 degrees of latitude in 65 days.

Exploring the unknown and experiencing unique cultures around the world is a passion of mine. With Expedition 65, I’ll have the opportunity to experience the Latin culture in some of the most interesting places Expedition 65in South America. With a route that includes the northern coast, the Amazon region of Ecuador, the high mountains of Bolivia, the Atacama Desert of Peru, the Andes of Argentina and Patagonia and Chile, we’ll explore some of the most diverse and incredible landscapes and people the world has to offer.

Our team includes riders, journalists, a film producer and support truck drivers. Each team member has been assigned specific responsibilities such as establishing routes, logistics, sponsors and arranging documentation for border crossings, to name a few. Together, we’ll travel 9,600 miles from hot and humid conditions in the north to potential cold, snow and rain in the south to reach the “end of the world.”

Dirt to Discovery: Expedition 65 begins soon!

This blog will focus on my off-the-pavement adventures – my exploration of those unique places you can only access by dirt.

Follow me as I chronicle Expedition 65, an epic motorcycle adventures the length of South America. With my team, we will travel through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile, getting into the dirt outside of their major cities.

I’ll be updating this blog and also the Dirt to Discovery Instagram (instagram/dirttodiscovery) throughout the journey.